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Domestic cats in Egypt were considered guardians of family welfare. The cat was in every house whose owners could afford keeping such a VIP.

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Egyptian Art Print Winged Scarab Sun God Ra

Egyptian Winged Scarab Art Print by TigerHouseArt on Etsy, $14.00

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Impresión del arte egipcio antiguo diosa Bastet

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Egyptian - Printable - Eye of Horus - Hieroglyph - Art - Wall Art - Print - Home - Office - Decor - Black, Gold, Glitter

Egyptian Egyptian Art Eye of Horus Egyptian by NocturnalPandie

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Ancient Egyptian Art Print Horus Falcon Wall Decor

Ancient Egyptian Art | Ancient Egyptian Falcon Art Print by TigerHouseArt on Etsy

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A Study of the Statue of Amenhemhatankh

6. Egyptians; left one is wearing a Hemhemet crown and the one on the right is wearing a War Crown.

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egyptian art--- BORDER for punch card

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Ma'at - The Egyptian Goddess Of Truth

Maat is the Goddess of Truth and Justice who personifies cosmic order and harmony as established by the Creator God at the beginning of time. Her symbol is an ostrich feather. Judges were regarded as priests of Maat. In the hall of judgement at the weighing of the heart, the heart of the deceased was placed on the scales of justice, balanced against the feather of Maat, symbol of justice.

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1. Tutmose, Nefertiti, was created during the 3. Ancient Egyptian art historical period around 1353-1336 BCE. 4. It is made of Painted limestone. 5. It was originally located in Akhetaten but is now located in Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Agyptisches Museum. It is believed Tutmose created this as a finished model to follow a carving or paintings for his royal patron.

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Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. It became said that the sun was his right eye and the moon his left, and that they traversed the sky when he, a falcon, flew across it.

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