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Batman Arkham City - Mr. Freeze

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Batman Arkham City Game Wall Silk Poster 20x13" Super Hero Joker

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Penguin | Batman Arkham City. Probably the most beautiful video game creation I've ever seen. Hands down. No game has beat it yet.

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Batman Arkham City

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MY FAVOURITE GAME, ARKHAM CITY. This is the batman game I was always playing @Kayla Styles @vanessa

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Batman Arkham city poster. by Alexander Springfledt

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Love List for Batman in 'Man of Steel 2'

Love List for Batman in 'Man of Steel 2' More

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Batman: Arkham City: Selina Kyle. Talia al'Ghul. Harleen Quinzel. Pamela Isley.

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The Riddler // maybe if they make a Nightwing movie...he could be the villain....but not a Jim Carrey Riddler again...please...

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My favourite pic - Batman and Harley Quinn - Arkham City

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