12 Times The Outfits In Pretty Little Liars Were More Ridiculous Than The Plot

Pretty Little Liars Actors Wear Ridiculous, WTF Outfits

Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery #pll

Dicas Pró-Ana

Calling all Grey Fans! :) Lucy Hale as Anastasia Steele, thoughts? Bauer Reyes-Mudd O'Connor Petty Doshi Marie Eustaquio Viviano h-o-t-n-e-s-s

"I don't trust her," Jamie announced, crossing his arms and resting his feet on the tabletop. Simone gave him a look of fake gratitude, setting her books down. "Thank you so much for giving your opinion. Now shut up and let me do my job." She shoved his feet off the table and sat down, cracking her knuckles. "All right. Let's save the world." ~Jamie and Simone (Cassidy Eubanks)

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PLL - Aria Montgomery's Style- i loved her homecoming dress from season one

Which Ridiculous Aria Montgomery Outfit Sums Up Your Personality?