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The Aran Sweater Market is the home of Irish Cable knit sweaters and ladies cardigans. From classic Irish knitwear to the latest knitwear trends, the Aran Sweater Market has it all. Order today Direct from the Aran Sweater Market on the Aran Islands

Large Collar Aran Coat

The Chunky Collar Coat with Buttons is one item from Aran Sweaters Direct that is recognized as much for its unique design as it is for its expert craftsmanship

SHAWL ARAN CARDIGAN by Natallia Kulikouskaya for WEST END KNITWEAR, Ireland

Our wool shawl neck cardigan is made in Ireland of oure New Wool. Fashionable yet traditional Aran Cable knit Shawl Neck Cardigan direct from Aran Sweater Market, Aran Islands, The Famous Original, Since 1892

9 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING AN ARAN SWEATER- The Aran sweater is Ireland’s major contribution to international style. A national icon, the sweater is still worn  and loved, connecting people with Ireland, all over the world. Cozy, cool, and knitted with the best quality wool, the Aran sweater has been a fashion staple for decades. But little did we know, there are many surprising facts about it.

9 things you need to know before buying an Aran Sweater

Irish Aran Sweaters- National Geographic (I love the zig-zag stitch pattern on…

Aran Crafts Mens Aran Cable Knit Sweater with Hood Duffle Coat Jacket Coat Sweater

Hooded Aran Coat from Irish Sweater Mill would be so awesome on my guy. But I have a feeling I would constantly steal it from him

Hayfield aran jumpers. I'd really like an aran jumper.. Easy free download.

Top 5 Free Aran Jumper Knitting Patterns for Men

Handknit Aran Sweater: The origins of the Aran sweater trace back to the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, and the hand-knitting the islands became known for are said to have been introduced as early as the 17th century. Each sweater told of “clans,” almost like a family crest, and these specific patterns were passed down from within each clan from generation to generation, becoming an extremely significant marker of Irish tradition and heritage.

How To Wear An Aran Sweater

Ravelry: Diamond Rings Aran pattern by Catherine Berry  So many beautiful details on this sweater!

Diamond Rings Aran pattern by Catherine Berry

Ravelry: Diamond Rings Aran pattern by Catherine Berry So many beautiful details on this sweater!

Aran sweaters, Claddagh rings, tin whistles: the story behind Ireland’s beloved artifacts -

Irish Cultural Artifacts - From aran sweaters to claddagh rings, many of the patterns and designs used in traditional Irish clothing and jewelry have hidden symbolism and can be traced to intriguing Irish stories and legends.