Knowledge is free.  Ideas are bulletproof.  Expect us. ~N~

Is your name Bin Laden? Or are you a baby Bush? Do you present from what Bilderbergs tell you?

Yes we are Anonymous we are not terrorists | Anonymous ART of Revolution

Yes we are Anonymous we are not terrorists. We are not vandals. We are only the new revolution. We are the real anonymous fighting for freedom of expression and against all censorship.

I tell you what to wear what to eat what to think what to love what to fear. And you are buying it.  Shake off the cobwebs in your mind.

The scale of influence: On average, children aged spend 32 hours a week in front of a television, while adults aged watch more than 33 hours, according to data from Nielsen that suggests TV time increases as we get older.

In Case of Revolution Anonymous Mask Shadow Box

In Case of Revolution Anonymous Mask Shadow Box

Pick yourself up & get your shit together.

Even if you don't support anonymous this is a good question to ask yourself

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist | Anonymous ART of Revolution

" - Pablo Picasso We are Anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us ALWAYS

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Say what you want about Anonymous's role in the Steubenville rape scandal, but this is pretty powerful.

The Definitive Timeline Of The Steubenville Rape Scandal

Read the article about this on "buzz feed" messed up story! The group called "anonymous" standing up for what's right, and standing against the corrupt.