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A lot of people have been asking about the meanings and inspiration behind the "Third Eye of Horus" images I have been creating recently. Below is a brief description and my thoughts on this symbol: The Eye of Ra / Horus symbol has been used since antiquity to signify the Pineal Gland. From my knowledge the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland are very different things and are not interchangeable. The Third Eye of Horus / Ra is a modified version that plays more on the dualism and triplicity of…

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The third eye chakra acts as a direct connection to higher consciousness, ushering in amazing, soul-fulfilling jolts of creativity, intuition & inspiration. More on the blog #creative #creativity #intuition #thirdeyechakra

Having trouble sleeping? Trying to reach deeper states of meditation? Want to try lucid dreaming? The answer to your questions may lie in your Third Eye.

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Allow Nature to Teach you Stillness. Hmmm

Pure Fat Burning Fuel: Follow This Simple, Heart Healthy Path To Total Fat Loss (The Beyond Diet)

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dala lama

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Third eye flash tattoo design

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