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As a visual artist, she creates deceptively sweet-looking drawings around the theme of body positivity — centered largely on, but not limited to, fat bodies and reactions to them.

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"pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in the world as a woman", feminism, feminist quotes, equality, body positive quotes, bopo, body positivity

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Positive Quote: Her life changed the day she learned that she was just as…

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Some body positive art makes you feel warm inside, glowing and full. Check out this piece on brilliant artist, Phoebe Wahl Illustration, self-love, and liberation.

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"apologize to your body. maybe that's where the healing begins."

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Keep the body positive movement inclusive!

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Check out our exclusive interview with body positive teen artist, Vanessa Papastavros! She is quite brilliant with her markers and her words!

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If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.

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All bodies are good bodies.

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Language has long shaped our perception of our bodies. What is "sexy"? What is "beautiful"? This body-positive model has us thinking twice about the words we use to praise beauty - and our bodies.

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