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So I built this minno trap and after 20 mins. Nothing. I put gold fish pellets in instead of bread and off to Walmart I went. I got home and retrieved the full trap I had made and got 30+ fish. I tried an expirement with the store bought trap and after 6 hours 15 minnos in the homade trap 0 in the Walmart trap. $8 or 5¢ you decide.... Show this to the kids
Intretinerea acvariului cu pesti de apa dulce - Ingrijire pesti de apa dulce -
Bait Guide: How to Catch Bass in Any Pond

Bait Guide: How to Catch Bass in Any Pond

Simple Loss Proof Kayak Anchor. DIY
Catfish. Check out Gable's review of Lauren Oliver's Liesl & Po here:
How to make a fish trap in 30 sec

How to Make a Fish Trap in 30 Sec

There's Fish Stories then there's Frog stories...
It's the Genie Jar...if there's a fisherman in the family, this is the perfect gift. Quick & easy bait fish selection without searching through icy, cold water. GENIUS! Truly for the fisherman who has everything:) #kickstarter #fishing
DIY Truck bed rod holder