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The idea of recycling is to reuse an item rather than toss it into the trash and have it end up filling space in a landfill, right?

Felt decorative acoustical panels CABLE | Fabric decorative acoustical panels - Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Depending on roof configuration and glazing in courtyard we could also look at beautiful textured acoustic panels to minimise sound.CABLE Fabric decorative acoustical panels by Anne Kyyrö Quinn design Anne Kyyrö Quinn

The Bower range by Cult and Adam featuring our custom Ecoustic Miniflex panel Styling by Marsha Golemac and photography by Brooke Holm. The perfect way to incorporate acoustic panels into timeless design pieces.

I bet there must be a good way to DIY this screen! Inspiration: Bower screens and Molloy chair by Adam Goodrum, in collaboration with Cult.

Abstracta - Triline Wall - Sound absorption/angled reflection

Abstracta - Triline Wall - Sound absorption/angled reflection Interesting might be a bit overwhelming