A traditional Transylvanian outfit for Jitar, Goftul and Ivan. Costumes would be based on this, all dressed the same, but with differences. Maybe only one with the coat?

People from Răchițele, Poieni and Negreni, villages in Huedin zone in Vlădeasa Mountains (Roumanie), performing Colinde, winter custom originating in Roman Saturnalia (people going from home to home and singing good wishes to the owners)

Romanian traditional mask. Now THAT'S what I call Boho... (OK, Bohemia is somewhere else altogether, but you get the idea...)

Cerbul (Stag), Corlata, Romania, from the series Wilder Mann Charles Fréger

Meşteşugul prelucrării lemnului în Țara Fagilor, Bucovina

Handcraft from Țara Fagilor, Bucovina - Romania

Ţesături româneşti http://iutta.ro/blog-mestesugurile-romanesti-arta-si-pasiune

Transsilvanian Patterns - Romania - every peasants home is softened with textiles


Traditional moldovan home, wirh a huge cob stove. very similar to southwest adobe work