Eugen Ţurcan
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Using a mixture of traditional and digital printing methods I njoy producing unique hand crafted pieces.Strong individual design styles shown through the blending of inks and watercolours to create new tentative techniques and painterly textures. Combining soft watery backgrounds with fine linear illustrations to create complex inital designs. I aspire to have a successful career with in the Textiles indstry as a designer maker working in a small studio either working independently or…

Encasing layers of fabric between different weight plastics with a range of melting and Embroidery techniques. Adding small elements of hand Embroidery and other methods to create intriguing areas of surface relief.

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Experimental Textiles Design exploring the theme of human skin using embroidery on devore for contrast & texture // Abigail Barnes I love this use of seed beads and foam. It really looks like sea foam.