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Wall hanging with geometric decoration Interesting project by Liz Fourez that we found in iheartnaptime. If you like the design of this two-tone hanger, look forward to making

Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools

Computers are easier to use and more dependable with each new generation of hardware and operating system update, but that doesn& mean they& problem-free. Here& a look at the five most popular tools for troubleshooting your computer problems.

RF Sniffer – open gates, cars, and RF remote controlled devices with ease.

The more I get to play with hardware, the more I get to see how security is lacking or implemented poorly (and I'm being very polite here). This time, I would like to share my RF Snif.

DIY Live Edge Mirror // by East Coast Creative

DIY Live Edge Mirror // by East Coast Creative. Turn an inexpensive mirror into a stylish DIY live edge piece.