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Pisces deep emotions like no other

If it is something wonderful and cherished, they will never forget those moments. If it is something bad, that event will stay in the dark alleys of their soul and the struggles to forget those sickening feelings. So true

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I hate this actually. I can literally walk in a room and tell who's happy, sad, mad. it's not really a gift, feels more like a curse. A very useful curse if you want to play with people's head though country house shows my quirky side of this

I agree I love childish all the kid movies and stuffed animals but the last thing most people would describe me as is childish.

I was too serious for him so I just said what we were both thinking. So we were just friends.

I am a firm believer of giving myself honest, raw, slap myself in my face pep talks. Sometimes I've gotta get real with myself Sometimes, lol many times, I've gotta be my own hard kick in my ass.