Propagandă: Coreea de Nord vs. Martorii lui Iehova -

To Live Nutritionally or To Die Deliciously? by Seah Greenhorn (Poem with copyright) "Ah! To Die Deliciously!

Europa devine mai seculară sau mai religioasă? -

global distribution of religions - interesting to look at the geographical focus for atheism & agnosticism in Asia (mainly due to officially athiest China) and the wide distribution of Christianity

Karl Marx despre religie -

In the US, the dominant political discourse consists of ideas put forth by the ruling class.

Instrumente de gândire; Partea a șaptea -

MDDI Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry News Products and Suppliers

Religia trebuie predată în școli -

Daniel Dennnett: I Don't Like Theory Of Mind

Criticile aduse argumentelor existenței lui Dumnezeu -

Crevecoeur talks a lot about different faiths being mixed together, so I chose to post a picture of "god" since ost of them are centered around christianity.

Argumente pentru existența lui Dumnezeu -

Alvin Plantinga - A Philosopher Defends Religion by Thomas Nagel (NYRB)

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