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a stack of rocks sitting on top of each other
the beach with palm trees in the background and text that reads, pinterest
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an astro wheel with the sun, moon and stars in it's center on a black background
(#44) An Almanac written by Sayyid Ahmed Ibn Mustafa, known as 'Lali', made for Sultan Suleyman I (r.1520-1566), and presented to his son Selim II upon his accession in 975 AH/1566 AD, Istanbul, Turkey, dated 963 AH/1555 and 975 AH/1566 AD
an anime character with red eyes and black hair, staring at the viewer from behind
All about that Ninja way NARUTOミ Follow and ask for an invite to ...
the characters from naruta are in front of a fire and black background with flames
Naruto Uzumaki by Keatopia on DeviantArt
an article with two pictures of avatars and the caption people who like zuko
People who like Zuko People who like Aang He's nice - iFunny