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someone holding up a book with writing on it that says things i wanted to say but never did
DIY - Art - Craft - Projects
DIY - Art - Craft - Projects — Going to make this
a hand holding a pair of scissors next to wooden pegs
DIY Notice Board: 10 Terrific Ideas That Are Cheap BUT Effective
there is a wall with several items on it, including baskets and magnets attached to the wall
DIY Kitchen Decor Hacks
#kitchenrenovation #kitchenideas #kitchendiy
a cork board with pictures and magnets on it next to a potted plant
bedroom bulletin board
a bulletin board that has some writing on it with flowers and leaves attached to it
prayer board
a wooden sign with the words he is risen on it and a cross above it
He is Risen Matthew 28:6 Religious Rustic Easter Wooden Wall Sign - Etsy
This is a beautiful rustic religious sign. It has the saying He Is Risen Matthew 28:6 on it and is distressed dark brown and finished with jute twine wrapped around it. It’s 11” x 14”. Makes a great gift for Easter