Office hacks

a computer mouse sitting on top of a desk next to a red holder with pens and other office supplies
3D Printed Desktop Mods for Organization
a computer desk sitting under a light with the words, 3d printed pulleys
3D Printed Pulleys + Super Bright LEDs = Albatross Lights
several pens, scissors and other office supplies on a pegboard
3D Printable Peg Anything // Pen Rack by Devin Montes
two tables with chairs and a white board on the wall
a red object sitting on top of a white piece of paper
Photographic Sweep Stand by HPaul
a person is holding an orange and white object on a wooden table with other items around it
Gyro balancing holder for Cup or Mug
a hand is holding two coffee cups on a green coaster
colorFabb Coffee Cup Holder