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there is a drink with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles
Homemade Blended Iced Coffee
Blended Iced Coffee 1/4 C espresso or strong coffee 1/4 C milk Your preferred sweetener, to taste 5-6 large ice cubes Optional for serving: whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, etc.
there are lemons, limes and water in the cupcake pan on the counter
36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About
Use a cupcake tin to make fruit-filled ice cubes, then add them to pitchers of water or sangria at your spring and summer parties.
three desserts with oreo cookies and cream in them
there are many cups with spoons in them on the table and one is filled with chocolate
Puding Tiramisu
two hands are placing something on top of a potted plant that is sitting on a table
Holiday decorations as close as your back yard
This is one of those "Duh!" discoveries for me. DIY: Table Top Christmas Tree made from fresh evergreen clippings.
three different ways to make a christmas wreath
Some cheap ideas for Christmas Tree Projects - Monocox.com
Some cheap ideas for Christmas Tree Projects #christmas #christmascrafts #christmasdecor - Christmas season is just around the corner and you may also have started some Christmas preparations. So have you thought of Christmas tree projects o...
several pictures of christmas tree ornaments made out of scissors and thread, with instructions on how to make them
DIY Easy Ribbon Bead Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial
several skewers with tomatoes and mozzarella on them are shown in this collage
Antipasto Skewers - An Easy Appetizer - Antipasto Skewer Recipe
Delicious antipasto skewers! Great appetizer and easy to make!
three different pictures of mason jars decorated to look like santa clause and snowman faces
Cute. With sweets in for kids?
strawberries and grapes are arranged in the shape of eyeballs on a platter
Lustige Obstspiesse als Raupe aus Erdbeeren und Weintrauben für KiTa oder Kindergeburtstag
pink and white cupcakes with frosting on them
Crochet Cloche Hats The Best Free Collection - The WHOot
Perfekter Kindergeburtstag Snack für Mädchen Pinke Ballerina Marshmallo Tutu *** Cheap and easy way to make an edible pink ballerina. Perfect for birthday party snacks
A Margarita Made Especially for Halloween
A well-made Margarita is a pure joy to drink, but sometimes you crave a more sinful cocktail. This tasty twist on the tequila classic calls for red wine, adding a dash of color and earthiness to the mix. Quick tip: Skip the salted rim as it clashes with the wine’s acidity. Plus, it looks too much like a halo.
Candy Cane Jell-O Shots