Gergely Ernő Endre

Gergely Ernő Endre

Gergely Ernő Endre
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nikon and canon lens price comparison

Trick, Photography Book - nikon and canon lens price comparison - Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

There's an artist in everyone of us, we just have to find a way to tap into our creativity.

Be inspired by the macro photography of Ernő Endre Gergely

QC#56 - Gum Wrapper Fire Starter - YouTube

You need to start a campfire or a bonfire or a barbecue, but youve got no matches or lighters! Never fear. If youve got a pack of gum and a battery, youve got fire. Watch this really short video to learn a trick to making fire using gum wrappers.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin

A custom "made to fit" dress form of your very own! OMG I totally have to do this but thinking a decorative duct tape Minx minx Dude! We are making u a custom dress form! U could even put paper mâché over it to make it nice and hard(<---haha)