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Decebalus (ruled was the last king of Dacia. He is famous for fighting… Romania Map, Visit Romania, European History, World History, Indian Chief Tattoo, History Of Romania, Romanian People, Pride And Glory, Vlad The Impaler

Decebalus (ruled 87-106) was the last king of Dacia. He is famous for fighting three wars, with varying success, against the Roman Empire under two emperors. After raiding across the Danube, he defeated a Roman invasion in the reign of Domitian, securing a period of independence during which Decebalus consolidated his power.

Unique Hexagonal-Shaped Bronze Matrix Of Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania Roman History, Rhinoceros, In Ancient Times, Hippopotamus, Prehistoric, Ancient History, Archaeology, Year Old, Precious Metals

The Matrix of Sarmizegetusa Regia

An ancient bronze matrix, over 2.000 years of age, has just become the most valuable archaeological piece, presented at the Dacian and Roman Civilization Museum of Deva. The matrix was discovered i…