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an elephant is standing with its trunk in the air
JAMINI ROY (1887-1972) , Untitled (Dancing Ganesha) | Christie's
the hindu goddess standing on top of a pink flower in front of an elephant and other animals
Lakshmi: Diosa Hindú de la Buena Fortuna
an image of a woman sitting on top of a lion next to another person in the background
Durga, Tanmay Mandal
an elephant statue sitting on top of a table
artist Rajender Bharti (@Rajende13715543) / X
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a tiger
Home Décor Posters & Prints for Sale - eBay
an image of the god ganesh on twitter
Account Suspended
a painting of a woman with blue hair and skull on her chest, surrounded by skulls
Hindu Goddess Kali Goddess of Renewal Altar Art - Etsy