SunRise STRATA kendama - mix


New SunRise kendama. We have only 18 re-release pieces of this kendama so you better be fast.

I have a vague memory of having one of these. I wonder if my siblings remember it or my nieces and nephews? Learn Kendama Tricks with the Japanese Toy from Kendama USA, The Grommet

Learn kendama tricks with the Japanese toy Kendama, discovered by The Grommet. It’s made up of a base and ball attached by a sturdy string. The aim is to develop your hand-eye coordination by seizing the ball in four different ways.

Kuma Films (previously) has a new video highlighting performing duo Zoomadanke, who execute some impressive feats of acrobatic juggling using a kendama, a traditional ball and string toy from Japan...

Impressive Juggling Acrobatics Performed With a Kendama Japanese Ball and String Toy

World's Most Amazing Kendama Ninjas! [gets impressive when they synchronise, plus they should do more hip hop/break dancing manoeuvres]

who can not do that right. that is most the easy trick ever

that is most the easy trick ever

kendamas | Pink-Blue Matte Marble (main)

kendamas | Pink-Blue Matte Marble (main)