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3D tattoos are a part of Los Angeles tattoo art. They are associated with LA  mythology, and depict the 3D. According to LA mythology, the 3D represents perseverance in adversity, and strength of purpose, as it has the spirit to overcome all hurdles that come in its way, and the proficiency to achieve its goals. In Chinese mythology, 3D is a symbol of luck. They have become one of the most popular tattoos today. They have always been in demand with women, but nowadays, even men are getting…

amazing incredible tattoo design idea photorealstic woman eye by Alex De Pase. This is incredible! Not something I would get tattooed on my body but I think it's absolutely stunning.

Charles Huurman - magical realism #tattoo #tattoos #art

Few artists in the game do better portraits than Charles Huurman. Take a look at his amazing portfolio and learn how he got his start here.

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded

One awesome tattoo that one would consider having is the portrait tattoo. Portrait tattoos have a long history and have been common for a long time.