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Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, she passed away today due to a heart attack.P this inspiring woman

Rowan Atkinson in the 70s #mrbean

Rowan Atkinson, Not the Nine O'Clock News Star at the North Community Centre, London, April 1980 Photographic Print - by AllPosters.

Farewell 18th amendment - the day when the alcohol ban was lifted #history #blackandwhite

On National Beer Day, the best of us will call out sick. The rest of us will read up on FAQs (or random facts) about the best fizzy beverage of all time.

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin looking faboulous, 1931 #history #oldschoolcool

oldschooltulle: “ Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin, 1931 ” Charlie Chaplin and his esteemed guest, Albert Einstein. Premiere of “City Lights” Los Angeles Theatre, January