Ender Dreemurr

Ender Dreemurr

Ender Dreemurr
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Sans from Undertale

fractaumbraart: “ Sans, the Guardian of Death Sans is a natural jokester, even appearing to be threatening for the position he carries as the responsible of the Dead’s Realm. He tries to soothe the.

Undyne the babysitter

Undyne with what looks like Papyrus' kid. By someone named Halley or Hayley who deserves all the love in the world for making this so cute.

well as reminder i want to do this series as a fight theme (they do not look like one though) so i add Amalgamates. i think the only part we fight with Alphys in the game is with her amalgamates. t...

and i wont upload full size here, erm sorry about that. i drew this series for my UT fanbook, but i wanna collect them in DA too basically i draw them base on th.