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Enasoaie Marlena

Enasoaie Marlena
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Bulgarian Martenitsa Dolls known as Pizho and Penda

Tie these tassel dolls around your wrist or pin them to your collar on march The first time you see a budding tree, take off the bracelet and tie it on a branch for god luck! //Bulgarian Martenitsa Dolls known as Pizho and Penda

Coffeebean's Dailies: Hardanger Bargello Table Runner Progress...1011

After Sunday& Hardanger meeting; the ladies helped me understand how to read the pattern and I took pictures of Sandra& blue piece to foll.

from Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework by T. deDillmont.  This insertion seam consists of groups of 3 Buttonhole stitches, with the center stitch about twice the length of the 2 outer stitches.

Baroque Embellishments: Openwork Insertion Seams - Work On The Scarf Continues