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the words god says everything in your life is about to take a positive turn do not give up so many good things are coming
a pink and blue background with the words god says you are going to be surprised real soon
a blue and green background with the words god will put you in a position where you don't have to beg, borrow or struggle claim it
Manifest money love & success
a green watercolor background with the words god says stay patient my time is perfect i have something bigger planned for you, and trust me
Yes ❤️❤️❤️
the text is written in white on a dark blue background with an image of water
Spiritual lines 11:11
Videos, Man, Real Man, Woman, Me Quotes, Real, Cry, Hit
a poster with the words you will receive an extra $ 80, 000 this week out of nowhere don't ignore this message save to affirm
a poem written in black and white with the words i love you means on it
For all of those who may have strifes with the weight of those 3 words. If you feel like it's just right...only then should they be spoken. That's what i think anyway. - Relationship