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the farm buildings and their names are shown in this game screener's guide
many different types of emotes are shown in this chart, with the names and colors
stardew valley villager favourites
an info sheet describing the different types of items in pixel art and video game design
stardew valley outfits
the legend of zelda's hat is shown in this screenshot from an old video game
an image of a table with many different things in the place that are on it
Stardew valley clothing guide
the game's characters are all different colors and sizes
Visual Stardew ladies gift guide
an image of the game's characters and their names in pixel style, with different colors
Steam Community :: Guide :: Simple bachelor guide
an image of a game character with the words fall
an image of the star wars characters in different styles and sizes, all with their own avatars
two screens showing the differences between preserses jar and keg product list for each item
Made this graph for a friend for the Preserves jar vs Keg section in the wiki and though I could share.
an image of some old school video game characters in different styles and sizes, with text describing the differences between them
Stardew valley
an old computer screen with the words keg vs p - star on it and different colors
Stardew Valley – Keg vs Jar