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a woman holding a baby in her arms while she holds it up to her face
Fresh 48 Baby Theo | Denver Family Photographer & Newborn Photographer
a woman holding a baby in her arms while sitting on the floor next to a bed
Birth Photographer’s Natural Home Birth | Christy Renee Photography | Birth Photographer
three adults and two children are playing in the bathtub with their mother holding her baby
19 Award-Winning Birth Photos That'll Actually Take Your Breath Away
a man holding a baby up to his chest and looking out the window at something outside
Birth Photography | Baker Birth
a black and white photo of a woman breastfeeding with her baby in bed
The most incredible birth photos ever! - Paul & Paula
a woman laying on top of an inflatable mattress next to a man standing over her
Why Bekah Martinez Decided to Post 'Raw and Primal' Video of Home Birth: 'Moment Worth Sharing'