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I've been loooving all the fair isle mani's lately so I decided to finally give it a go! πŸ˜ƒ I used 'Odette', 'Where My Ho Ho Hos at?' (best name evs), and white acrylic paint using a detail brush I got in Korea & my Kolinsky Topped with OPI Matte TC 😊

It Breaks My Heart, Actually.

I'm one of those teenagers that had a fairly normal childhood but still suffers from anxiety and depression

Smells like teen spirit.

We thought the world was different, and we were right. Back then, things were easier. We wanted freedom and life, the world has stolen that. For that, there is no apology great enough for the injustice committed.


((Open with acacia)) i was at a party dancing with some of my friend , i had only had a couple of drinks so i wasnt drunk yet but i was a little tipsy.