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bic mac taco
bic mac taco
"Protein-Packed Bliss: High-Protein Big Mac Tacos Recipe for Flavorful Fuel! 🌮💪🍔"
Method: 1. roll the mince into 2 small balls and then place it onto the tortillas and flatten it 2. Add the tortilla to a greased frying pan and cook for a couple of mins on both side 3. With the mince facing upwards, add the cheese then add a lid ontop go the pan. Cook for another 1 min until the cheese starts to melt 4. Slice the lettuce, onion and gherkins and add it on top of the tacos 5. For the sauce combine the ketchup, mayo and mustard to make the burger sauce.
a person holding a chicken farm quesadilla in front of some other food
Chicken Parm Quesadilla
Italian quesadillas pack simple ingredients like mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, basil, and rotisserie chicken into an easy meal your family will love! A quick weeknight meal that is ready in less than 15 minutes!
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two open faced sandwiches on a white plate
two plates of food are sitting on a table
poke bowl
two pita sandwiches sitting on top of a paper wrapper next to each other
a table topped with lots of different types of plates and bowls filled with meats
a person dipping some kind of food into a white bowl with lime wedges on the side
two burritos wrapped in brown paper sitting on top of a table
there is a sandwich and some fries on the plate next to each other with cheese
a black plate topped with lots of different types of sushi and other food items
raspberry lemon loaf with icing on aluminum foil
Raspberry Lemon Loaf