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a woman wearing a white shawl and holding up a red purse in front of her face
Outfits, Home, Traditional, Saudi Arabia Clothing, Traditional Fashion, Traditional Clothes, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Dresses, Tabuk
Beyond the abaya: 6 dresses that showcase the diversity of Saudi fashion
there are many items on display outside in the yard
Belén de la Comunidad de Madrid en Navidad 2009
an old wooden cabinet with pots and pans on the floor in front of it
Museo de Mollina
a group of figurines that are standing in the middle of a courtyard area
a model of a village with people and animals
a model of an old building with people around it and various items on the ground
an image of the front and back side of a building with different architectural details on it
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an architectural drawing of a house with two levels
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