tunde emese32@yahoo.com

tunde emese32@yahoo.com

tunde emese32@yahoo.com
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aka Dog path where they've killed all the grass to the back yard...

GARDEN, beautiful, mow over, and path serves as both garden border and path simultaneously, very efficient. wsh Garden Path More - Idyllic Gardens

25 Stunning Garden Paths - Style Estate -

Side yard are long and narrow present a challenge. Do you need some landscaping ideas? Is your area wide enough to contain a flower bed or planting bed, as well as a walkway or pathway?

Stone stairway

Natural Looking Winding Stone Stair - there are a lot of DIY projects a handy homeowner can do on his own, but this is one Id leave to the pros! This is so well done! Robinsons Landscaping and Nursery - Gardening For You

Plants as roomdivider.

This indoor garden would be perfect for growing food indoors during winter. Love this indoor vertical garden! Could be a great idea to create a privacy wall on a balcony, deck or terrace!