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Tone Thighs | Action Jacquelyn | Workout at Home | Mini Ball Exercises | Low Impact Workout
TONE THIGHS W/ ME! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and loving these standing Barre routines. If you don’t have a mini ball, use a small folded pillow. SAVE FOR LATER ❤️ Why this routine is so good: • 👉Improves circulation in ankles • 👉Strengthens hips, thighs & feet • 👉Tones your legs Even though working out might be the last thing you want to do today, you know you’ll feel better once you do. Prenatal Workout Program coming to the Barre Definition app soon! 🤰🏼 Your first week is on me! Tone Thighs | Action Jacquelyn | Workout at Home | Mini Ball Exercises | Low Impact Workout
Discover Barre Eclipse: Embrace Fitness That Nurtures Mental & Physical Health
Embrace your wholeness with Barre Eclipse, transcending the ‘transform yourself’ mentality. It's not just about loving your body; it's about workouts that allow you to feel, connect, and choose. Reconnect with your intuition and sensations through our intuitive fitness approach. Ready for a workout that values your mental health as much as physical? Barre Eclipse is here for you. Join us in redefining fitness standards for well-being and self-acceptance.
Target Your Gluteus Medius
Target your gluteus medius aka the upper glute muscles aka the shelf 😆 as part of your training paired with your compound exercises for results ✨ Exercises to incorporate: ▫️kickbacks ▫️reverse lunges ▫️split lunges ▫️single leg hip thrusts I hope this helps angels! If you need glute targeted workout programs head to the link in my bio 🤍 ____ Enfócate en tu glúteo medio, también conocido como los músculos del glúteo superior, también conocido como el estante 😆 como parte de tu entrenamiento
Get your FREE Low Back Love class, babes 💜
Discover holistic strength with our FREE Low Back Love class! Dive into a 20-minute journey focused on core, back, and hip fortification, supporting your athletic endeavors from heavy lifting to outdoor sports. No more relying on temporary fixes; build a foundation that keeps you moving effortlessly. Claim your class by March 1 with just your email. Let's embrace a balanced approach to fitness together!
My workout routine as a professional ballerina!
Our longest video to show you that there are endless ways to use the Pilates Bar! #stretchedfusion #pilatesbar #mindbodyconnection #abexerciseathome #pilatestok
Pilates Bar full body workout at home.
Pilates bar, you can complete more than 30 different workouts.We have three detachable bars, ab rollers, resistance bands and ankle bands and handles, door anchors.With the hotwave drawstring bag, you can take it to the office, the park, the gym, and the outdoors to tone your arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs, and butt. By simulating a variety of fitness equipment for professional training, squat, bench press, bend, rowing, etc
WeluvFit Pilates Bar Kit: Sculpt Your Body with Resistance – Home Fitness Essential!
Transform your home into a personal gym with WeluvFit Pilates Bar Kit. Strengthen, tone, and shape your body with this versatile fitness equipment. Perfect for men and women, the stainless steel bar, and flexbands offer a complete full-body workout experience. Elevate your exercise routine with this essential home gym kit." #WeluvFit #HomeFitness #PilatesBar #FullBodyWorkout #ExerciseEquipment #FitLife #SculptAndTone #HealthyLiving #WorkoutAtHome #FitnessJourney
✨credits: sleekstyleshop @ tiktok / Click on the Pin 📌 #workout #pilates #pilateslovers #pilatesexercises #pilatesreformer #homeworkout #bodycare #bodybuilding #workoutplan #womenshealthtips #workoutathome #inspiration #inspired #inspiring
Do this everyday for a flat tummy
Start small. You will see results! Dont say I didn't tell you. Do 3 sets of 20 reps using a 15lb dumbbell. Link in bio for my home workout app.
Hate crunches? Stand up and do this instead! 💪🕺 #abworkout #homeworkout
Explore a more enjoyable way to work those core muscles. Ready to switch up your routine? Check out our app for alternative workout ideas! 📲 ✨ #NoMoreCrunches #StandUpWorkout #DownloadNow #FitnessFun #YouGotThis #CoreStrength #AlternativeWorkouts #NatalieHeso
Back Workout
BACK day ⏳ let’s build an hourglass #backworkout #hourglass #hourglassworkout #fitnesstips #workoutplan #homeworkout #fitnessmotivation