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Tattoo ideas to incorporate Love the idea of roots in the shape of a heart and birds, love birds.

Black tree with watercolor background behind the branches, defined roots, and small birds flying . Quote "She gave me the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

Family tree tattoo with names

family tree tattoo with names life tree tattoo forward family tree .

Celtic tree of life with cardinals

Celtic tree of life with cardinals and the quote, "all that I am, I owe to my smoky"

tree of life tattoo with birds - Google Search

Tree of life The colors are the colors of their birthstones

Mechanized Tree of Life More

Mechanized Tree of Life

Manga de estilo neojaponesa.

Japanese, Afro and Geisha Samurai Tattoo Designs, Meanings and Ideas. Awesome traditional Samurai tattoos for your sleeve, chest or other body parts.

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Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Guys …

geometric arrow tattoos

Geometric arrows on canvas by Lauren Elizabeth.more arrows

Abstract mystic sign with geometric shapes, triangles, chevrons, arrows, circles, dots and other symbols, planets paths. Vector linear illustration of magic craft. Modern, elegant, simple tattoo art

Chinese Tattoos With Meaning - Folks are captivated with Chinese tattoo designs due to their numerous great meanings.

Music tattoo

Music is my heartbeat. I want this. I would love to have this. Without music I would die it seems like. So there for music is my heartbeat.