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Going to Marrakech, Morocco? Here are the best things to do in the city. Visit Marrakesh Top things to do in Marrakech Highlights of Marrakech Explore Marrakesh Must see places in Morocco Travel in Morocco Marrakech Markets Top attractions

Sure, you could bring back a leather purse or a bag of spices from Marrakech. But we had something a little more unusual in mind.

Morocco offers a truly unique travel experience with a host of places to explore. Here are the top five must-do experiences in Morocco.

Headed to Morocco? Lucky you! Marrakech is an incredibly vibrant, colourful and busy tourist-friendly city, with an intriguing mix of influences and traditions and amazing food. From navigating the souks (markets) of the Medina, to the palaces, ancient to

Great tips if you are visiting Marrakech, plus useful advice if you are a female travelling solo Marrakech Morocco Travel Tips Solo Traveller Female Traveller

I won’t lie, the thing I was most excited to do on my last trip? Shopping in Morocco. Before I went I hadn’t researched what do buy in Morocco of what things would cost in Morocco. It would have also been helpful to know which city I would find things at

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