Asiar Karma

Asiar Karma

A long way I came and nowhere I settled. I wish for stories of old forgotten lives.
Asiar Karma
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I would read it. Imagine if the characters knew this and started writing messages into their own skin.

I run my hand over the fresh bruise on my arm. "I must have a particularly clumsy soul mate. I get hurt so much it's ridiculous. My soul mate must hate me cause it's ridiculous how many bruises and cuts i get.

Yo you seem like you know a lot about black butler so who's the Lady that the last one is talking about @petra Ral. yep. It's Angela :))

Anime: Black Butler [Kuroshitsuji] (top to bottom): Claude Faustus, Sebastian Michaelis, Drocell Keinz I love these three, oh my god. Black Butler was one of my first animes and will always be one of my favorites.

Why must you leave this here.... in the sacred place of happiness and dreams ... you monster

Why must you leave this here. in the sacred place of happiness and dreams .