Everyday Naked Palette Combos

Everyday Naked Palette Combos (Barbie Mutation)

Everyday Naked Palette Combos from Barbie Mutation. I like the hint of blue on the edge of the cat eye

♥♥. LOVE the eyeliner and lipstick. Wouldn't go THIS hard on the eyebrows cause it looks a bit fake

Cat Eye Makeup and Pink Lips. I would love to be able to pull off a cat eye look

Top 10 Tutorials for Irresistible Smoky Eyes

Top 10 Tutorials for Irresistible Smoky Eyes

Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes

Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes. Im pretty sure that I can do the makeup but I want the perfect brows. I wonder why I can never seem to get mine done quite right

Make up  #WinWayneGossTheCollection

I love this eye makeup. Why can't I ever get smokey eyes like this. I am eye makeup incompetent.

Make up for Blue Eyes | Make Up for Photoshoots | Metallic Eye Make Up

natural eye shadow makes your eye color pop. Man i wish my eyes were that color- so stunning.

Love the#eyes! #beauty

Awesome black winged eyeliner in the cat eye style. Blue shadow in the form of bright blue eye liner on the waterline. Silver and brown shadow above. Long black lashes, likely false. Overall, I really love the look.