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This is a great hands on activity for students to learn the phases of the moon using an oreo! Cheap and fun! This relates to the science standards for AAAs benchmarks: 4. The physical setting B. The Earth: The moon's orbit around the earth once in about 28 days changes what part of the moon is lighted by the sun and how much of that part can be seen from the earth- the phases of the moon. 4B/M5

Oreo Moon phases - I can not think of a more tasty (and fun) way to teach your kiddos about the moon :) .Although cheese slices would work too since the moon is made of cheese, right? I love this idea!

DIY Fine Motor Montessori the threading and the color matching for preschoolers!

contains affiliate/sponsored links Cheap Montessori fine motor activities that are DIY and simple to set up are something I am asked about frequently. Many of these can be adapted to be appropriate…