Tiger Crossing A Green Lake

Funny pictures about Tiger Crossing A Green Lake. Oh, and cool pics about Tiger Crossing A Green Lake. Also, Tiger Crossing A Green Lake photos.

Love it

Apollo 10 commander Tom Stafford pats the nose of a giant stuffed Snoopy prior to launch, 1969

Texas teens in the 70s

Funny pictures about West Texas Teenagers. Oh, and cool pics about West Texas Teenagers. Also, West Texas Teenagers photos.

Flour sacs with flowers on them for the mothers who made clothes out of them

When they realized women were using their sacks to make clothes for their children, flour mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out. When I was a kid our clothes were made out material from Chicken feed sacks.

Bride on wedding day. Also id like to point out it says "the best decision you've made all day" on the order screen lol

Drunk Bride Orders Taco Bell Drive-Thru On Foot In Her Wedding Dress (Photo)


Galactic core picture I took only 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Please consider replacing your outdoor lights with anti-light pollution alternatives!

A young woman with a gorgeous dress lighting real candles on a Christmas tree in 1910 - a practice left in the past

Damn straight

Redneck solution to up a shit creek without a paddle

too freaking cute

A baby seal -- Photo taken in Cape Palliser, New Zealand, via /r/aww

Ali seemed pretty cool

Post with 124 votes and 3544719 views. My dad holding back Muhammad Ali while his friend takes a swing, 1978

Orthodox King Michael I of Romania at the age of testing a Russian machine-gun (probably the machine-gun) in Sevastopol, 1942

My (now) 94 year old grandma smoking a cigarette in the

No words..

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The Magical, mystical ans sexy LatinAmerica