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Lately it has been really hard for Voldemort to find new Death Eaters.    So some drastic  measures had to be taken... - Unbeatable Tactic by on @DeviantArt

Another stoopid comic. XD Fear the Snape chibi, haha! XD I thought it was funny how they had "matching" patroni XD HP characters © Joanne K.

Have you seen Snape?! Why did she choose Potter?! I would rather slither in with Slytherin... ;)

Someone has to make this Harry Potter prequel<<<i like some of these actors playing the parts but others i can't agree with, however i do think Karen Gillan as Lily is a bloody brilliant idea>>>> I don't care who plays them just give me the movie!

remember when they nearly kissed? // LUCIFER and Chloe

'Lucifer' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Candy Morningstar's Identity Revealed? Angels, God, and Theories Compiled

Chloe, Mindfulness

Detective, Chloe, Toms, Tom Shoes