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FUN SCIENCE FOR KIDS- Make your own GLOW in the DARK lava lamp.  Kids will marvel at the amazing effects of this lamp, all while exploring the Science behind liquid densities.  TOO FUN! { No electricity or batteries required; just a few common household items }

Kid made glow in the dark lave lamp. This lava lamp is so fun to make and explores the Science behind liquid densities. TOO FUN! (How To Make Slime With Household Items)

Make your own Pirate Fairy Jar!

I read the article and I have found the recipe to make this fairy jar is easy. You just need a mason jar, glitter, glow sticks and a serrated knife. I think it's a good idea!

One of three Expedition 37 crew members aboard the International Space Station on Sept. 2013 photographed this high oblique night image showing dozens of major cities and communities on the east coast of the U.