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a guitar with sunflowers on it and the words happy birthday written in german
a poster with the words in german and english
Einsam? Halten Sie doch ein Meeting!
the words are written in german and english on a black background with an emoticive smiley face
Mein Gott können die zickig werden!
Mein Gott können die zickig werden!
an image with the words in german on it, and a dark background that says
Ich habe heute einen Salat gegessen. Mein Körper ist jetzt so verwirrt, dass
a knitting needle with the words written in german on it and some hot air balloons
two pans filled with food sitting on top of a stove next to each other
Brittas Räuberfleisch
an image of a dog wearing sunglasses and holding a beach umbrella in front of a fence
Gut gelaunt durch den Tag
a man in uniform is opening the door to his dog
a cartoon cat sitting next to a christmas tree and another cat standing in front of it
Wenn du noch einmal meine Weihnachtskugeln anfasst...
a cat sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a smiley face sticker
a cat peeking out from behind a couch with the caption, the reason why i can't have nice things
Du kannst schöne Möbel haben oder eine Katze..