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a barbie doll wearing a blue outfit and holding a purse
a mannequin is dressed in blue and has fringes on the skirt, heels, and bra
a barbie doll is standing on a marble floor in front of potted plants and flowers
two barbie dolls dressed in green dresses and high heels, one holding the other's hand
a barbie doll wearing a black dress and red velvet caped gown with high heels
a mannequin wearing a white dress and hat with gold chains around her ankles
Kevin House flickr
a barbie doll wearing a blue dress and high heels
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Regal bridal dress 2023
the bride and groom are holding hands
a doll wearing a red dress and white lace
Куклы из наших коллекций №2. Винил,пластик и другие материалы. - Страница 10 • Форум о журнальных коллекциях Деагостини, Ашет, Eaglemoss, Modimio
a barbie doll dressed in a purple dress
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