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On Ice (ユーリ! On ICE) - Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky (OtaYuri) (オタユリ) - during the exhibition skate (^-^)

Goth Daddy Trash

Gotta love this scene~ Viktor looking like, “I was hugging my future husband, you little chicken nugget”.” And Minami like.

In the Madness! 3/4 by on @DeviantArt

In the Madness! by shatzy-shell

Viktor vs Baby tiger by NitroxArts

nitroxarts: “Viktor vs our baby tiger // i love them so much 😘 😘 ”

Pufff jajajaja qué monos😍

Pufff jajajaja qué monos😍


Read from the story Imágenes YuuYu 2 by KiRu-VG (Kiru) with 884 reads.

YOI: WHAT A POWER COUPLE by Randomsplashes

YOI: WHAT A POWER COUPLE by Randomsplashes

Viktuuri ftw | Yuri!!! On Ice | Viktor Nikiforov | Yuuri Katsuki

I have to say, Victuri is the best ship and Yuri on Ice is hands down the best anime. The music is incredible, their relationship makes you ache and the fact that Victuri is CANON? makes me want to cry.

Ship it so hard

Am I the only one sort of hoping Vitya would trip over something and faceplant? For the sheer hilarity of "Beauty and Grace on Ice, but no match for solid ground" xP