Easy Pan Seared Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce
This is an easy, savory, and flavorful lamb chop recipe that’s perfect for dinner. Lamb chops cook well in cast iron pans, and serve as a unique dinner idea for the family! This recipe shares tips on how to make mouthwatering restaurant quality lamb chops, tips for cooking lamb chops, and a bright mint sauce or mint pesto sauce to drizzle on top!
Best Homemade Banana Bread Recipe
This is the best banana bread recipe! It's super moist and buttery, made with sour cream. This recipe has a few secret ingredients that’s guaranteed to land you a 5 star rating! If you’re looking for a banana nut bread recipe, simply add walnuts. This banana nut bread recipe is easy, moist and homemade.
Photo of fondue dippables on a table Foods, Fondue, Party, Best, Fun, Fondue Dippers, Fondue Party, Charcuterie, Indulge
What to Serve at a Fondue Party
Dive into the ultimate fondue experience with our curated collection for the best fondue party! Indulge in delectable cheese and chocolate dips, fondue dippers, charcuterie, party ideas, and create a cozy ambiance, and elevate your gathering with these fondue party ideas. Discover mouthwatering recipes, stylish setups, and tips for a memorable soirée. #FondueParty #CheeseFondue #ChocolateFondue #EntertainingIdeas #PartyPlanning
Photo of cooked apple butter chicken Sweet, Chicken, Yum, Tasty, Food, Apple, Flavors
Apple Butter Chicken Recipe
This apple butter recipe is juicy, sweet and savory, and the perfect way to use apple butter this fall. You can make apple butter for whole chicken, wings, thighs, or any cut of chicken. Switch things up this fall and winter with this tasty apple butter bbq sauce and chicken recipe!
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Photo of Sour Cream and Leek Mashed Potatoes Potatoes, Recipes, Perfect Food, Classic Food, Leeks, Savory, Leek Recipes, Savoury Food
Sour Cream & Leek Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Leeks recipes are so bright and savory. They create the perfect side dish for any meal. This savory sour cream and leek mashed potatoes are the perfect recipe for dinner. These homemade mashed potatoes will be your favorite recipe. They’re creamy, have garlic, and flavorful.
Photo of cooked braised beef short rib Paleo, Beef Recipes, Braised Beef Short Ribs Recipe, Braised Short Ribs Recipe, Braised Beef, Short Ribs Dutch Oven, How To Cook Beef, Braised Short Ribs, Beef Broth
Braised Beef Short Rib Recipe
Learn how to make the juiciest braised beef short ribs recipe in your own dutch oven. This recipe has two options - one is instructions for a tender red wine braised beef short ribs, guarantee to fall off the bone, the second option is a savory braised beef short rib cooked in savory beef broth, with no wine. Both options are juicy, full of flavor and perfect for those on Paleo
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Photo of lamb out of the air fryer Ideas, Air Fryer Recipes, Air Fryer Dinner Recipes, Air Fry Recipes, Cooking Rack Of Lamb, Lamb Recipes Oven, How To Cook Lamb, Best Lamb Chop Recipe
Best Air Fryer Lamb Recipe
Lamb racks recipe in the air fryer is so easy and flavorful! Learn how to cook this easy, flavorful dish by following this recipe! You can also use this as a lamb chop recipe #airfryer #lambracks #howtocooklambinairfryer #lambchop #airfryerlamb #whole30 #ketorecipe
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Photo of seafood stew, ingredients and seasoning Seafood, Stew, Cooking Turkey, Easy Seafood
Savory Easy Seafood Stew / Soup Recipe!
Looking for a good homemade seafood stew recipe? This recipe features a rich flavorful broth, a variety of seafood ingredients, with tantalizing seasoning!
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Photo of uncooked turkey wings with vegetables Meals, Wing Recipes, Turkey Wings, Soul Food, Baked Turkey, Family Meals
Southern Style Baked Turkey Wings
Learn how to make the most mouthwatering and flavorful turkey wings with this easy to follow juicy turkey receipe! These wings are baked with a savory gravy. It’s the perfect soul food dish. #dinner #dinnerrecipe #turkeyreceipe #bakedturkey #bakedturkeywings #bakedturkeywingrecipe #dinnerideas #southernfood #southerndinner #ketorecipe
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