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an image of a city street at night with the words written in korean and english
Love the angle of this photo. Can just imagine the photographer crouching on the pavement for this shot
an open book on a bed next to a candle and other items that are laying around
do you have any 2019 bookish resolutions? I’m determined to finally read The Secret History in the next year! It’s one of those bookster…
flowers, cookies and other items on a wooden table
Відчуваю, за пару постів тут у мене на сторінці пануватиме повне тюльпанове безумство 🌿 ви за? Я за)) . Писала вчора про прокрастинацію і…
a bouquet of tulips and a cup of tea sit on a white blanket
Like time!🌷☕️📖 Выполняем все условия❣️ Повышаем активность друг друг
an open door leading to a lush green field
A Trip South — Elements of Style Blog
a woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of her face while reading
a list of my masterposts
(i have too many to link under each masterpost so this will be updated every time i make a new one!) notes, studying, and self-study resources self-study resources supplies igcse resources...
a cup of coffee, notebook and pen on a wooden table with a window in the background
Once Upon A Time A Book: Segnalazione Guardare E Volere Di Jay Northcote girl boss station
sunflowers in a vase on a window sill next to books and glasses
всем вторник 🍁 и похоже сентябрь всё таки вспомнил, что он осенний месяц 😃 🔸 поэтому скоро на всех фото в Инстагра