Traditional Romanian Easter Eggs

Traditional Romanian Easter Eggs -the tradition still very alive today- The painted symbols have been transmitted from one generation to another & also appear at Tărtăria culture î.) They have also inspired great Romanian sculptor Brancusi

Romanian life

Thats scary Romanian Rural LIfe. Much of Romania is still unspoiled and uncommercialised and all the more beautiful and wonderful for that

Beautiful landscape of the countryside of Romania in autumn. Maramures    |   Discover Amazing Romania through 44 Spectacular Photos

Discover Amazing Romania through 44 Spectacular Photos


Romania rural landscape, one the best kept Europe's secrets, the place where the time hasn't moved for decades, a place where the traditions and the human kindness are well preserved

22+ reasons why you should visit Romania

22+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

Oltului Valley, Romania

Olt river gorge - a place in Romania, where nature remained unspoiled by civilization


Home made bread, Romania. Go back in time and live the rural lifestyle in Romanian Villages. Well, yeah I do have a normal oven, but mom still makes bread.