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Mr and Mrs Romance - Top 10 things to do in Milan Italy

Day 8 - Milan, Italy - See the massive Duomo Cathedral, the elegant shopping arcade of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the world-famous La Scala Opera House

19 Magical Ways To Remember Your Disney Vacation

19 Magical Ways To Remember Your Disney Vacation - Check out Magical Memory Planners sends these as a thank you to each of our clients. Free help planning a Disney vacation and a free autograph mat.

Rome, Italy - the famous colosseum. and let's not forget, the food.. not pictured here;)

Italy is one of my favourite countries, there are so many places to visit that have so much historical background, one of these being Rome. I hope to one day travel around Italy and visit Rome along with a number of other sites

What healthy eating can do for you...

What HEALTHY EATING can do for you. Improve your health. Lose weight and feel great with a healthy balanced diet. What to eat to get the right Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamin A. Vitamin Vitamin C. Vitamin D. Vitamin Vitamin E.


10 BEST TIPS FOR TRAVELING IN ITALY/ROME - I've been & it's amazing. The recommendations are very accurate & will definitely come in handy while you're there (whether it be a singles trip, couples trip, or when traveling with kids/family)!