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the figurine is next to an open book with lights on it and a light up
Zoya Nazyalensky Funko POP
*Inspired by Zoya from the Grishaverse
Kos, Zoyalai Quotes, Bones Memes, King Of Scars, Nikolai Lantsov, Six Of Crows Characters, Crow Club, Crow Books
nikolai lantsov, zoya nazyalensky, zoyalai
Shadow Bone, Bone Books, Leigh Bardugo, Six Of Crows, November 2
Nikolai Lantsov
two pictures of the same man and woman, one is wearing an officer's uniform
a man in a suit and woman in a black dress are standing next to each other
modren Zoya and Nikolai
two people are smiling and one is talking on the phone
the text is written in two different languages
Sturmhond Fanart, Morion Quartz, King Do
two women standing next to each other wearing t shirts
King of scars/ Rule of Wolves
an artist's rendering of a man sitting on top of a chair
#grishaverse #shadowandbone #thegrishatrilogy #nikolai #kingofscars
an image of a man in a red coat and black pants with the caption i believe in nikola lantsov
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